About Us

Our mission is to revolutionize video by giving every business a simple and inexpensive platform to create and deploy engaging and personalized videos that allow them to make a "one to one" connection with their customers and prospects.

Who We Are AND What We Do

At CreoVideo, we have designed and developed a powerful platform that allows marketers to create and deploy engaging video content. The platform makes it easy to create an engaging story for your brand or product that entertains and educates customers and prospects. We believe the best way to communicate with a customer or prospect is to have a "one on one" conversation with each individual person. We believe making a personal connection goes a long way to building customer loyalty. Many Fortune 1000 companies trust CreoVideo with their "mission critical" proprietary data because of the emphasis we have placed on creating a secure infrastructure for storage and deployment, and a software development process that is laser focused on security and performance.

CreoVideo has offices in Boca Raton, Florida, Ankara, Turkey, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Our company is at the intersection of art and science. We have a very talented team of marketers, designers, software engineers, experienced project managers and data scientists. CreoVideo is the first of its kind, a Big Data and AI powered personalized video platform. CreoVideo helps businesses and agencies increase engagement and deliver personalized interactions with their customers through the video medium. Our CreoVideo analytics dashboard provides our users with engagement metrics and actionable insights from their customers. CreoVideo can help your brand increase ROI by giving you valuable insight on performance and customer satisfaction metrics.

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