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Creovideo is a personalized video creation platform designed for brands and businesses to help them produce and distribute engaging video content. Our goal is to provide you with an easy to use "self service" tool that can empower you to create compelling videos that tell your story without having to have any training or video production experience. For enterprise customers, we also have a team that can help craft your brand or product story and create and deploy your video without having to lift a finger.

Our state of the art platform not only helps you create powerful video content, but we provide all the data and analytics you need to help your campaigns effectively target your customers and prospects and improve your click thru rates, up-sells, and conversions. Our built-in asset manager library gives you access to millions of stock footage, photos, and sound clips, so you don't need to worry about purchasing digital media. We give you everything you need to start creating videos that will wow your customers and prospects.

How It Works

Craft Your Story

Our interface makes it easy to drag and drop your way to creating a compelling story for your brand or product.

Deploy Your Campaign

Send via Email or SMS, or get an individual link for each viewer if you want to display in a Website or Mobile App.

Use Your Data

Create a campaign and define business rules using your own data to target and segment customers.

Dynamic Video is Created

Your personalized video is created dynamically and viewed by your customer or prospect.

Add Survey or Popups

Add an interactive survey to get info from your customers or add interactive popups that promote up-sells and cross-sells.

Check Your Dashboard

Use our powerful analytics dashboard to measure view stats and optimize the performance of your campaigns and CTAs.

CreoVideo Personalization Platform

We provide everything you need to create and deliver engaging personalized videos.


We make it easy to tell your story

Easy to use video creation and editing tools

Our drag and drop builder makes it easy to add images, video, music, text, and even charts and graphs on any device. All you have to do is focus on telling your brand or product story. We can even help with that.

Real-Time enterprise grade rendering and security

Success depends on you providing data for targeting and segmenting. We have the secure infrastructure needed to protect your data, scale effectively and render cinematic quality videos in real time.

Powerful analytics, testing and campaign management

We provide you with a powerful dashboard that allows you to track performance by individual campaign. You can see how users are engaging with your video content, split test creatives and use the information to drive business decisions.

Industries We Support

We work with dozens of enterprise clients to deliver successful Personalized Video campaigns that cover a wide range of use cases across a variety of industries. Personalized Video campaigns can be created and deployed either via our "Self Service" Software As A Service (SaaS) platform, or our "Full Service" approach which utilizes our professional staff of storytellers and video production experts.


Today, Banks and Financial institutions are having a harder time building trust and establishing a long term relationship with their customers. If you are a credit card company, bank, or investment firm, personalized video can help you establish that 1 to 1 connection with your customer and dramatically improve customer loyalty.

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With all the noise out there, it is getting harder and harder for online retailers to break through with their message and build brand awareness. Our personalized video solution can help generate new business, promote up-sell and cross-sell offers, incentivize repeat purchases, and drive loyalty initiatives.

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For companies in the healthcare industry, personalized video offers a great way to inform and educate your members and show them that you care. Establish a healthy 1 on 1 connection across a variety of touchpoints, provide quality support, and educate patients on conditions and treatment plans.

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For the travel and hospitality industry, personalized video can be used to drive more bookings, welcome visitors and inform them about the property, increase the average order value per booking by promoting upgrades and amenities, support the customer travel journey, and even reduce cancellations and improve customer loyalty.

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Insurance, it is something we all need but usually loath purchasing. Our personalized video solution can help insurance companies more effectively sell policies and products, and allow them to support policyholders through the claims process. It can also help drive downloads of apps and digital support tools.

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For wireless providers and multiple-system operators, our personalized video solution is the perfect tool to onboard new customers, engage and educate subscribers about products and offerings, reduce churn, drive self-service and registration, promote upgrades and contract renewals and improve customer service.

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Personalized Video For Marketers

  • - Dynamic Storytelling
  • - Data Import Tool
  • - Segment/Target
  • - SMS/Email Deployment
  • - Analytics Dashboard
  • - Mobile Design
  • - Easy Interface
  • - Video CDN
  • - Post Video Survey
  • - Up Sell & Cross Sell
  • - Media Library
  • - Professional Services

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